Sushi night

sushi_edited-1Oh sushi, who doesn’t love those tiny rolls? I have to admit that I am probably too obsessed with sushi and probably with Japan in general but, hey, everybody has its own passions. Sushi is a pretty expensive pleasure though so I try not to go very often restaurants and I prefer to make my own rolls filled with what I like the most. My all-time favorite is avocado and salmon but I recently discovered the pleasure of maki cream cheese and I love it! Sushi is kind of an easy recipe to make once you understand how to roll it, the only annoying part (for me) is the rice cooking: the rice must be sticky but not like a risotto-kind of sticky that I find quite difficult to achieve. For the preparation, including rice cooking, you may need an hour or so but it’s totally worth it. I like to cook it in the week-end when I don’t feel like going out and I just want a nice home-made dinner watching Sex and the City or whatever I am into at that time. It’s tasty, it’s relaxing to make, it’s cheap! I want to share with you my personal way to make it and I am open to new home-making ideas!

What do you need:

  1. Sea weeds
  2. Sushi rice (I use round rice, for cakes. Less expensive, same taste.)
  3. Rice vinegar
  4. Salt and sugar
  5. A rolling mat (to actually roll it! It will make the rolling easier and it cost around 2 euros in Japanese shops)
  6. Soy sauce

What do you want to put inside your roll? I use (not all together or… yes!):

  1. Cucumber
  2. Surimi
  3. Salmon (fresh is better)
  4. Cream cheese
  5. Avocado
  6. Carrots

I actually tried a fois-gras roll once (ok twice) and it was amazing but I don’t think that I would try it at home. Too french fancy! One of my best friends here in Paris does quinoa sushi and that’s really good and healthy but I didn’t try it myself yet, I’ll keep you posted about my sushi evolution.

Let’s do this Maki thing:

Mix the rice vinegar and the sugar (3 spoons of vinegar = 1 spoon of sugar). When the rice is ready (and cold) put the mixed vinegar into the rice, and mix again. Now we are ready to start!

Wrap your rolling mat with plastic wrap (just to prevent the rice from sticking),put the sea weed sheet on the mat and just humidify it with your hands a little bit, then put the rice on it and spread it all over the sheet (don’t put too much rice otherwise it’s going to be very heavy to eat). Put inside it everything you want (I hope you did cut it before, I forgot to tell you) and rooooooll it. THAT’S IT!

My favorites:

  1. Avocado, fresh salmon, cucumber and carrots
  2. Avocado, fresh salmon and cream cheese
  3. Just avocado and cream cheese

Hope that was clear and you’ll enjoy your homemade sushi!


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