A great project: L’HABIBLIOTEQUE

Anahi and Aurelie are two sisters whit a common passion: fashion. After years of buying, they decided to move to the other side of the counter. From the union of their talents an innovative (and very fashionable) concept was born: L’HABIBLIOTHEQUE.

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Anahi, 27, is sales manager at Marc Jacobs and has always worked in fashion. Aurélie, 24, just abandoned the marketing offices at L’Oréal to devote herself 100% on their new project.

The concept is simple: L’HABIBLIOTHEQUE, as its name suggests, is a library… for clothes. An upscale boutique located in the heart of Paris, where it is possible to test, discover and borrow clothes (from the size 36 to the size 44) but also bags and jewellery. The idea is to create a conceptual shop, where customers have the impression to be in a conventional store. To realize their dream, the girls are using the French crowdfunding site Kiss Kiss Bank Bank: 10.000 euros to arrange the store that will open its doors in September.


How did you have the idea?

Aurélie: “Two years ago I was still a student so I had a small budget and I bought lots of clothes from brands like Zara, H&M and Promod but, each season, I bought a beautiful piece from a designer. I realize that if (at that time) I could have borrowed and tried some different designers clothes, it would have been very useful for my choices of purchase. So, I think that if the idea can be useful for me, it could be useful for a lot of girls in a low-budget situation.”

Anahi: “I have always sanctified my clothes. I love beautiful designer clothes and I used to say to myself: ” I’ll keep them for years.” At the end I realized that I did not use half of my wardrobe. One day I started to sell my stuff on the Internet because I really wanted to change and get rid of my old treasures. I realized that “used clothing” was something that worked. People are no longer afraid to wear something that has already been worn. “

Have you ever used similar services?

Aurélie: “There are some rental locations website for luxury brands but ours is a very different concept. L’HABIBLIOTEQUE really is accessible to everyone while luxury daily rental is fairly expensive.”

Anahi: “We never used things like that because we didn’t find anything that offered this service on everyday clothes. We really wanted to have both an affordable budget, (50 euros per month to borrow as many pieces you want) and clothes to wear every day.”

What will we find in your shop?

Aurélie: “It will be a mix: we will have commercial brands with a strong label-identity, but also young designers and creators. We want a very fashionable and sharp designer boutique. “

Anahi: “The idea is that each brand has to have its own strong identity. It is the most important thing for us. “


Why did you choose crowdfunding?

Anahi: “Because today banks don’t trust innovative and young ideas. Crowdfunding is something very interesting because you do not ask people to give a lot of money. It can even be a euro, but it’s really the idea of ​​saying “hey if you like it, if you believe in our project, support us!” And it allows us to show the banks that there are people who follow us and who cares about the project.”

Aurelie: “Also, it is a way to make people realize we exist, not only to finance the project. Therefore, this is a good way to found and communicate on the project.”

There are not many fashion projects on crowdfunding platforms, why?

Anahi: “I believe that fashion is still a difficult market. It is scary to start something new, we are scared about it too! You really need a new idea to show off. And with the economic crisis too… in a way, our project also aims to fight the crisis. Whit a very accessible budget every Parisian girl can renew her wardrobe now!”

The two sisters want to create a place where fashion can be accessible to everyone. As Anahi stated: “Fashion is not posh, it’s rather the image that people have of fashion. I think today’s fashion is created to be worn by everyone. That’s the goal. “

If you like the idea, you still have a little time to help!


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